Studio Profile: Why We Do This
“My sincerest desire is to present to you the best impression of me that I can on today, which will become the same lasting impression that you will have of me on tomorrow.”
--- Deborah K. Alexander, Owner

Corporate Vision Statement

I want to create unique designs for clientele who are often not targeted by the average large design firm, such as locally based religious groups, inner city community outreach organizations, small community churches, and community-based nonprofit organizations, and newly formed for-profit businesses. Although Angel Dee Images will produce both printed media design jobs and internet-based projects, the emphasis will be to provide a one-stop creative agency to help newly formed and small- to medium-sized businesses establish their brand and to help that company present a more powerful presence in their respective industries.

Corporate Mission Statement

My intent is to produce excellent, high-quality products and to provide superb services for our clients in the discipline of graphic design and visual communication, as well as providing cutting-edge web design and development services and website hosting.  I will strive to exceed the expectations of my clients and customers.

Corporate Goals & Objectives

My primary organizational objective is to develop a strong design firm that will provide top-quality service to our clients in a manner that is both honorable and credible with a reputation for integrity of business practices.  My primary operational objective is to establish a strong company presence in the design industry, being known for excellence of products and services, while maintaining superb client relationship and stellar customer service. 

My Philosophy of Life:

I believe that nothing in life should be taken for granted or minimized.
I believe that my daily mission is to show my appreciation for having life, by showing concern for others and demonstrating God’s love.
I believe that life should be lived in honesty, integrity, and truth.
I believe that each day I wake up is a gift from God, and I must work to fully enjoy that present.
I believe that each day I wake up I am delivered from my past, and I must work to remember its experience and learn from its endurance.
I believe that each day I wake up I need to look eagerly forward to the future, and I must work to grasp its uncertainty with an assuredness of provision.
I believe and fully trust that everything is in God’s hands, including me.

. . . . Therefore, I will embrace my past, treasure my present, and patiently await my future.

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