Recipes International: Multimedia Makeover Proposal

Client: Mock Academic Project

Media:  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Purpose:  This was an assigned team course project for MDD 310: Multimedia Standards. The purpose of the mock project was to take an outdated recipe site and upgrade its logo, present the approach for its social media presence, and make over its general brand presentation.

Duties:  My principle project team position was copywriter/editorial assistant. I designed the background for the website using the logo as a watermark (which was designed by another group member). I also worked on the general layout of the home page of the site and did the fine tuning. I designed the presentation theme, which is an original template utilizing the colors of the adopted logo. I consolidated all of the gathered information and did the layout and format of the final PowerPoint version, including last edits.

Special Note: For portfolio purposes, slide animations and transitions were added to the original project to improve quality of presentation as sample work.